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Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryer – Model Flex 5.5

FLEX Series dryers are designed with patented Modi -Block heat exchangers and a phase change material (PCM) encapsulated between the refrigeration and compressed air circuits, serving as a highly effective reservoir for thermal storage.  The PCM possesses high latent heat properties which enables it to melt or freeze at a constant temperature. The phase change material will absorb heat from warm, moisture laden compressed air without a significant rise in temperature.  The phase change material stays colder for longer periods of time, cycling the refrigerant compressor less often than conventional energy saving designs.


-Patented, stainless steel brazed plate heat 3-in-1 exchanger, with phase change material reservoir

-No-air-loss, demand drain efficiently removes condensate without loss of compressed air

-High efficiency, up-flow aluminum air-cooled condenser


-Rated for 550 CFM @ 100 PSIG, 100 Degree F. Air Inlet Temp, and 100 Degree F. Ambient Temperature

-460 volt three phase operation

-Weight – 396bs

-2″ NPT Inlet & Outlet

-41″ H x 20″ W x 49″ D