FSC-Max Fluid 5 Gallon Pail – 8000 Hr. Rotary Screw Compressor Oil


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Part No. FSC-8000-5

Required oil to maintain warranty on all FS-Curtis Nx Series Rotary Screw Compressors

FSC-8000 is uniquely formulated to perform better than leading synthetic PAO based fluids. FSC-8000 is a product of
continuous research and innovation of new technology. Our unique chemistry starts with a blend of 99.9% pure base oils
making FSC-8000 a clear fluid free from impurities. FSC-8000 is thermally stable and fortified with specifically selected
additives to protect against oxidative breakdown, wear and corrosion with strong resistance to varnish. FSC-8000 not
only performs to your standards, it will help you meet increasingly strict environmental guidelines by being inherently
biodegradable, ashless and non toxic to the environment. FSC-8000 provides 8000 hours of service.