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Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryer – Model HPRN75

Delivers a ISO 8573-1 Air Quality: Class 4-5 Pressure Dew Point (Pressure dew point of 37 degrees F to 45 degrees F)


-Stainless steel, cross flow heat exchangers optimize heat transfer and service life

-Increased calming zone and integral demister/separator captures liquid condensate and solid particles

-Effectively removes condensate from 0 to 100% flow conditions without moisture carry-over


-Rated for 75 CFM @ 100 PSIG, 100 Degree F. Air Inlet Temp, and 100 Degree F. Ambient Temperature

-110v operation, comes with pre-wired plug

-Weight – 123lbs

-1″ NPT Inlet & Outlet

-24″ H x 14″ W x 32″ D