We offer a wide selection of Oil Free Air Compressors to meet all of your critical quality compressed air needs. These compressors all provide ISO 8573-1 Class 0 compressed air, and can be configured based on your needs for drying, receiver tanks, and filtration.  Many industries require oil free compressed air such as; Medical Mfg, Electronics Mfg, Pharmaceuticals, Dental and Medical, Hospital, University/Lab, Automotive, and Food and Beverage.




Eco Scroll:
Horsepower: 5 to 20 hp
Capacities: 14.5 to 56.5 cfm
Standard pressures: 116 psig
Noise Level: Under 63dB




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Curtis Eco Scroll




Oil-Less Reciprocating:
Horsepower: 5 to 15 hp Simplex and Duplex
Capacities: 12.3 to 104 cfm
Standard pressures: 100 psig





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Curtis OL Series